Services & Programs

The Chris Dudley Foundation offers a variety of services and programs for children with diabetes. They include access to social activities, camps and clinics, educational materials, specialized support during times of transition, Internet activities, instructional modeling videos, and more.

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Education & Awareness

Pacific Northwest Diabetes Week (PNDW):  Founded by Chris Dudley Foundation and Novo Nordisk, PNDW is an annual event to unite our diabetes community in a collaborative effort to bring diabetes to light for an entire week! Together, we can change how diabetes is viewd and treated, and more importantly, how it evolves in the future. 


Camps for young people (between the ages of 10 and 17) with type 1 diabetes are designed to teach all participants a sense of how to play an intensive sport while controlling their diabetes. At present, camps are held once a year. Learn more about Chris Dudley Foundation camps for kids with diabetes. View photos!


Clinics are similar to the Chris Dudley Foundation camps. Like camps, clinics are designed to teach all participants a sense of how to play an intensive sport while controlling their diabetes. While camps are week-long events, clinics occupy one-to-three days. Clinics are held several times a year, in different locations throughout the country. Learn more about Chris Dudley Foundation clinics. View photos!


Making donations for diabetes offers donors a chance to support a cause they care about. It also makes our efforts possible: to support research, and to provide educational support and advocacy. And, above all, to support kids who are struggling with the disease. Learn more about making donations to the Chris Dudley Foundation.


The Chris Dudley Foundation’s seminars about diabetes are not only a great way to educate, they’re also a great way to inspire and motivate young people battling diabetes. (And anyone else interested in the welfare of those young people.) Learn more about seminars about diabetes.


Like seminars, podcasts are ways to educate, inspire, and motivate young people battling diabetes, and anyone else who wants to learn about the disease. Podcasts, however, can be downloaded and listened to at any time. Learn more about Podcasts about Diabetes.

Speaking about diabetes

Chris Dudley has been addressing audiences about diabetes since he retired from his 16-year career in the NBA. He is an eloquent advocate for the diabetes community, worldwide. Learn more about Chris Dudley and his speaking about diabetes.

Past Programs

  • Video Contest - Lights Camera Active -We searched for kids, teens, young adults & adults living active with diabetes. Watch a few videos that kids & teens submitted

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