Podcast about Diabetes

Traveling with Diabetes

44:47 minutes (41.01 MB)

Chris, Theresa, and Chris share valuable insights for people traveling with diabetes. Chris and Theresa recently returned from traveling abroad, and share their airport security experiences with Theresa and her insulin pump. Learn some tips on planning for a trip, local rescources and some great ideas for traveling!

Mothers Talk

63:37 minutes (58.28 MB)

Part 2 of last week's show (#15 Kidz). This week, Chris, Theresa, and Chris solicit the expertise, advice, and life lessons from the Mothers of the children from last week's podcast. 17 yr. old Steven sticks around for the rest of the show. Mothers tell their view of living and raising a child with diabetes.

Kidz Talk

34:29 minutes (31.97 MB)

Katie 10 diagnosed at age 3, Michael 10 diagnosed at age 5, Mathew 8 diagnosed at 17 months and Steven 17 diagnosed at age 16. Insightful interview, discussing everything school, to friends, to the daily ups and downs of dealing with juvenile diabetes.

Lucky Few

9:25 minutes (10.79 MB)

Chris Dudley Basketball Camp - Song Tyler Byrne, a 7 year CDBC camper and now current staff member, wrote this song "Lucky Few", in 2005. His song captures the week long Chris Dudley Basketball Camp experience. From more video of camp go to Diabetes Happens. diabeteshappens

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