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Pacific NW Diabetes Week - Founding Partners

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About the Founding Partners:

Chris Dudley Foundation empowers and inspire all young people with diabetes to live active and dream big through high quality camps and educational programs, collaborative healthcare, and networks of support, all children and young adults with diabetes will live healthier, more active and fulfilling lives.




novo nordisk Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company with 87 years of innovation and leadership in diabetes care.  We put people first in everything we do; that is why we will continue to build partnerships with external organizations whenever we see that such collaboration will generate a positive and significant change for people with diabetes.  From the science lab, the doctor's clinic and the school classroom, we are relentless in our mission: we will not rest until we have defeated the diabetes pandemic.


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Bring Diabetes to Light!

Pacific NW Diabetes Week - Event Description: 

The Pacific Northwest Diabetes Week (PNDW) is an annual event that unites the Pacific Northwest Diabetes Community in a collaborative effort to promote diabetes for a full week.  Our Circle in the square event held at Pioneer Courthouse square kicks off the week on November 14, World Diabetes Day.  Following, are a series of events held throughout the Pacific Northwest designed to bring about diabetes awareness and showcase community resources available to empower each of us to take action and control diabetes.  Concluding the week is the Diabetes summit, an educational experience presented by the Harold Schnitzer diabetes Center at OHSU, The Chris Dudley Foundation and Novo Nordisk.