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Pacific NW Diabetes Week - Diabetes Information

9.16.2010 PNDW logo

Each year another 7 million people will develop diabetes.


  • Diabetes is an increasing problem in Oregon, with a prevalence 35% higher than 10 years ago.
  • During 2006, diabetes hospitalization costs in Oregon were over $1.1 billion, and total estimated medical costs for diabetes were over $2 billion

In 2025

  • An estimated 50 million people (15% of population) will suffer from diabetes, more than double the current number
  • Diabetes will likely become the #1 killer in America
  • More people will die from a diabetes-associated death (694,00) than today's top six current killers combined
  • 3 times more people every year will lose their sight, lose a limb or lose function of their kidneys because of diabetes
  • Diabetes will cost America $351 billion (calculated in 2002 dollars) in direct medical and indirect societal costs, more than double the amount currently spent


References: data is drawn from the Diabetes Atlas, third edition, International Diabetes Federation 2006 & March 2008 Oregon Department of Human Services, Public Health Division Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Preventions, Oregon Diabetes Program