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Chris Dudley Basketball Camp - Testimonials

Charlie @ 2008 camp!

Thank you so much for putting this camp on every year. Camp is always the highlight of my summer. I have grown up through the years at camp, and it is an experience I'll never forget! Charlie




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Alison & Johnnie E. @ CDBCThank you to Chris Dudley and everyone for this camp. It makes having diabetes worth it to be with such amazing people-- staff and campers-- and be able to play basketball too! -Johnnie

Thank you Chris and staff for continuing to do this awesome job encouraging these kids! This is John's highlight in life, and Chris you are truly an inspiration to us! 

         -With much gratitude, Robin & Ted

This has been Spencer's best camp yet! He said that he wishes it was another week longer. Thank you for all that everyone does and please extend our thanks to everyone. This camp really touches my heart.

         - Thank you again! - Sincerely, Mary

Kelsey @ CDBC 2009 
Chris Dudley Basketball Camp has become the highlight of Kelsey's summer. Thank you for giving her this opportunity and for taking such good care of her. -Dee   : Cody J.

I just wanted to thank you and your incredibly hard-working staff for the wonderful week Cody had at basketball camp. He has such a wonderful time. It was so carefree, thanks to all of you, monitoring, waking them in the middle of the night, watching portions and providing basketball for 12 hours everyday. Your efforts are truly a gift to these children, and an example of what we can do to help.

Thank you so very much! - Micki & Pete


Jonny B. @ CDBC 2009

Jonny enjoyed this week immensely. Every year he describes it as "the best ever". This year was that and more. The experience was one he will always remember. With Chris and Tyler meeting the President, Jonny experienced a great feeling of pride. Pride in these two great friends and this wonderful camp, both of which have carried him through this part of his life with diabetes. Next year makes it a decade. Thank you Chris, and to all of your great people who have made this amazing  camp thrive.   

Thank you - Thank you - Dan & Janell