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You can control your own destiny...

In today's world we no longer have to walk anywhere-we can drive. We do not spend time preparing meals- we have fast food. We do not have to go outside to play games or be entertained- we can watch TV or play video games, on our living room sofa. There are many complications, disease that can come by living an unhealthy life style. One disease is diabetes. I personally know about diabetes because I have had diabetes for 28 years now. Diabetes is taking advantage of this new world and is growing faster than ever before in world history.

Diabetes does not have to win the battle. Diabetes, especially type 2, can be controlled or prevented. Here are a few action steps that we can all take in our ongoing battle against diabetes. And by the way, I say we because I am in this battle myself and I am continually looking for ways to improve my diabetes management as well. We are all trying to improve ourselves in our individual health battles.

1. Educate yourself

Know what diabetes is and what causes it. Know your enemy. Type 2 diabetes thrives when there is a lack of exercise, poor diet and obesity. If you take those away, you can prevent or control diabetes.

2. Believe in yourself

To succeed you must believe in yourself and be proud of who you are and who you will be. You must believe that you are worth the effort. Those around you certainly believe that you are, but you must believe it yourself. Once you believe the effort is worth it for you, and certainly for your kids and the grandkids-then you are ready to get started.

3. Develop a program

Develop your own program, routine or plan. Now everyone will have different needs, different starting points, and will therefore have different programs, thus there is not a one size fits all. Each of us should consult with our Doctors, educators, coaches or trainers for help. While everyone may have a different plan-they will all consist of a healthier diet and more exercise.

My basic belief about food is simple & remember everyone should consult with a professional about their own diets, but my simple beliefs are these:

* if God made it, it is probably good for you

*if a chemistry lab made it, it probably is not - at least not too much of it

Super Foods - a lot like traditional foods: wild game, fish, corn, beans, squash, wild greens, nuts, seeds, berries, mushrooms, watermelon, pumpkin, wild grapes, and of course water!

Exercise- is also so important, and what is great about exercise is that it makes you feel better. The more you move, the better off you will be. And it can be simple.

By eating healthier and exercising regularly a person's risk for diabetes can be reduced by 60%.

Exercise should not be an intimidating word. Walking is exercise and we all do that every day-just not often enough. At a minimum lets all start walking more. Walk in the morning or afternoon, walk to the store, or park your car far from the entrance to the store. Once you realize how good it is for you, then you will enjoy doing it even more. Keep pushing yourself to go further and further, what is great is that it feels good and it is fun.

4. Team up with a partner

We have all had help in the past and we all need it in the future. No one succeeds in life without help. No one! We need help to push each other, to encourage each other and to congratulate each other. We all need that accountability as well, someone who knows whether we are following our plan, someone who will push us, and follow the plan with us.

So team up with a partner, or partners, and execute your plan.

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