Diabetes Resources

For Friends & Family

What is diabetes?

"What is diabetes?" This is the basic question in diabetes education circles. In a nutshell, diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose (or blood sugar) is too high. (The blood has to have some glucose in it because the body needs glucose for energy. But, too much glucose in the blood means something else isn't right, as this article explains. Read "What is Diabetes."

What causes diabetes?

The question, "What causes diabetes," is the object of tons of research throughout the world. But despite the research, there aren't very many real answers. What is known, especially in the case of type 1 diabetes, is that the causes are complex. This article in our diabetes education library outlines the latest research on the subject. Read "What Causes Diabetes?" Living with type 1 diabetes is a daily thing, and it can require a lot of attention. But it can be rewarding, too.

Instructional Videos - Coming Soon

Instructional videos from The Chirs Dudley Foundation will be coming soon to our web site! Each video address situations involving young people with type 1 diabetes. Some examples:

  • Family & Friends: You are having a child who has type 1 diabetes over to your house for a sleepover or a play date. You might be a little anxious about what you need to know: what food to serve the child, for example, and other questions and concerns that many share. Here's is a short video that will teach you some simple facts about type 1 diabetes. It will also give you some practical tips about what do while the child is in your care.