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It's one of the goals of the Chris Dudley Foundation to help fill that gap by making easy-to-understand, usable information and other resources freely (emphasis on free) available to you. We begin the effort by offering you the resources that we hope you will find useful in day-to-day living with diabets. You can find the following information and tools that we hope will be useful to you in caring for your diabetes.

Traveling Tips:

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diabeteshappens has been established by two Type 1 diabetics to promote a positive and pro-active outlook on life with diabetes. The condition is often associated with a curtain of seriousness and medical jargon that can be intimidating and depressing, especially to the younger generation of diabetics. Our goal is not to lighten the seriousness of diabetes, but to make living with it and talking about it a more comfortable experience.

We welcome diabetics, their families and friends and those who want to learn more about the condition to take part in the movement that is diabeteshappens. We are dedicated to supporting young diabetics by providing them with unique and exciting opportunities. At the same time, our intent is to raise awareness of the disease and make it a larger part of the public discourse. Together, we can help shape society's perception of diabetes, bring our cause to the forefront, and ultimately effect change.diabeteshappens

Others living with diabetes:

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