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Caring for diabetes - getting connected

Caring for your child's diabetes can be a real challenge. In fact, we're pretty sure there are times when you feel there's a gap in what's available to you in the way of resources. It's one of the goals of the Chris Dudley Foundation to help fill that gap by making easy-to-understand, usable information and other resources freely (emphasis on free) available to you. We begin the effort by offering you the resources that we hope you will find useful in day-to-day living with diabets. You can find the following information and tools that we hope will be useful to you in caring for your child's diabetes.

Tips for traveling-

Use these tips as a checklist to remind you of what you need to do before you travel! Learn more

Top tips for athletes-

Great tips for your child or coach about diabetic athletes! Learn more




Stay connected with a monthly electronic newsletter (or e-Zine) about living an active life with diabetes. It's written by Chris Dudley (who is also, by the way, the founder of the Chris Dudley Foundation), a 16-year veteran of the NBA. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was 16, so he has quite a bit of first-hand experience with rigorous sports and diabetes management. He will also be interviewing other athletes, celebrities and personalities who have the disease or are close to someone who has it. The newsletter will address topics about all aspects of caring for diabetes, including the frustrations of living with diabetes, general health topics, diabetes-related products, research, and a host of other issues that we hope will help you. The newsletter is absolutely without charge or obligation, so sign up now and stay connected! 

Heading back to School:

As the end of summer come to an end, we know summer is never long enough, back to school is what is on all our minds! Heading back to school for many is an exciting time! However for many parents it can be a challanging time when it comes to their child's diabetes. A new grade, a new teacher, a new school the process for many may be very trying.

Here are some links that we hope will help you and your child have a smooth transition into the upcoming school year!


  • Back to school! Some tips you can take back to school - read more


Listen to other parents' story of life with diabetes

  • Kidz Talk 1- Kids share their experiance with diabetes from sleep-overs to driving. Kids tell it like it is! Listen now!
  • Kidz Talk 2 - Mom's talk- Mothers tell their view of living and raising a child with diabetes from school, siblings, meals and more! . Listen now!