About Us

How we work


The Chris Dudley Foundation delivers diabetes information and other resources via the internet. Essentially an internet-based organization, the foundation maintains an office and a small staff in Portland, Oregon.

How we deliver information

It’s the age of the internet. Young people are drawn to it — and that includes young people with type 1 diabetes. So we’ve made the Internet our delivery system. You can access virtually all of our information and services on the internet.


Because we are essentially a clearinghouse for diabetes information and related services, our website is our hub. From it, we can deliver information in virtually any form: as written material, as audio, as video, or in any combination of the three.

You can expect to see this kind of information on our website:

  • Ways to live healthy lives while being physically active
  • How testing is different when you’re active
  • How you need to eat differently when you’re active
  • How to cope with testing and other necessary hassles
  • Discussions and descriptions of products, such as testing meters and kits
  • How professional athletes and other personalities cope with juvenile diabetes
  • Where to find specific diabetes information

Playing Thru e-Newsletter

Playing Thru is our monthly newsletter, which anyone can subscribe to, without charge. The newsletter is emailed to subscribers each month. Each issue focuses on a single main theme. The articles are brief, relevant, compelling, and full of practical information and tips. The content of Playing Thru is roughly based on these basic principles:

  • There’s a lot of questionable diabetes information out there, and we’d like to get it straightened out. Playing Thru tries to help people understand what having type 1 diabetes really means.
  • Playing Thru is a voice of reason that should be heard not only by young people with diabetes, but also by parents, friends, teachers, medical providers, and anyone else concerned with the disease and the young people who have it.
  • The issues facing physically-active young people with type 1 diabetes are unique, and they call for unique diabetes information.
  • In addition to medical attention, there are certain factors (such as diet and testing) that active young people with diabetes have to get comfortable with.
  • Young people with type 1 diabetes can have healthy, active lives.

Blog: the diabetes factor

Our blog, diabetes factor, features comments from staff, guest writers, Chris Dudley, other athletes and personalities that young people will relate to, medical people, teachers, and parents. It's a forum for sharing and discussing ideas, asking questions, making comments, giving or seeking advice, and, most important, establishing connections.

Sports camps

Chris Dudley camps are for young people between the ages of 10-17 with type 1 diabetes. They are typically five-day affairs and their main goal is to deliver information that is relevant to young people playing an intensive sport. Campers receive a lot of individual attention from a substantial staff that includes Chris Dudley, a 16-year NBA veteran, endocrinologists, nurses, counselors, and others.

Sports clinics

The Chris Dudley Foundation sports clinics also focus on teaching young people how to participate in an intensive sport while controlling their diabetes. Clinics, however, are typically one-day events. Clinics, like camps, are held in various locations in the U.S.

Speaking engagements

The Chris Dudley Foundation provides informational and motivational speakers for your events. Contact us for more information info@chrisdudley.org