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The Chris Dudley Foundation is dedicated to living active with diabetes;
to provide educational programs, advocacy and support diabetes research.

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There are many ways you can empower kids living with diabetes, donations come in all different ways and forms, you can:

Donate through your Employer

If your employer offers a choice of designating to a specific organization...

Sponsor a Camper

The Chris Dudley Basketball Camp is for boys and girls between the ages of 10-17 with type 1 diabetes. Kids come from all over the world to participate in a one-week lifetime experience of outdoor camp while improving and playing the game of basketball with 16 year NBA veteran Chris Dudley. Find out more how you can make an impact in a kids life!

Donate to Camp

The staff at the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp consists of two endocrinologists, four nurses, medical director, camp director, trained dietitian, three dietary aides, nine day counselors, five night counselors, nine coaches and other various staff to make up 35 full-time staff. As you can see our camp staff is the corner stone to making camp such a success. However, there are many items that make camp run also! Here is a list of items that you can donate: Find our more on how you can donate to camp!

Donate a Product

Product donation is one of the many great ways to helping kids living with diabetes. Product is an important part of all events the Chris Dudley Foundation provide. Find out more on how you can donate a product!

Donate your time

Volunteer at an upcoming event or fundraiser, find out more on how you can get involved!

3rd Party Fundraisers

"Third party" or "outside party" events are run independently by interested volunteers. We encourage the development of these events and provide a normal level of guidanced and resources when appropriate. Click here for more information on hosting a 3rd party fundraiser!

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