Diabetes Resources

Welcome to the community

Our goal, with this website, is to create a community. A community of active young people who happen to have diabetes. The community includes their families, friends, doctors, dietitians, vendors and others who are interested in their well-being. And we would like this website to be the mall, the coffee shop or the favorite living room where everybody comes to share encouragement, information, ideas and experiences.

What to expect here

When you come to this website, you'll find an ever-growing mix of information and activities, like these:

  • A "one-stop" source of information and resources for you sports-minded young people who have diabetes, as well as for your teachers, coaches, friends and family.
  • Blogs and articles about sports and diabetes. You'll be able to read articles and blogs by athletes and other well-known people who lead active, successful lives, despite diabetes.
  • Discussions about everyday things that aren't talked about very much. Things like the hassles that diabetes can cause when you're just going to school, playing sports, dating, visiting friends, going on vacation, and dealing with others who don't really understand what diabetes is all about.
  • Medical information. You'll find discussions on the latest treatments, research and gear used in treating diabetes, especially for active youngsters.
  • A community that's always there. This community is web based. So, although we'll still offer the camps and clinics, this new resource will always be there for you - not just while the camps and clinics are running.
  • A chance to connect with others who are living active lives with diabetes.
  • Real issues. Diabetes affects all areas of life, so we'll talk about all areas of life: social, medical, diet, sports. You name it.
  • Lots of links. We, at the Chris Dudley Foundation, don't claim to know everything about diabetes. But, one thing we're sure about is that collaboration increases the value of what is known. Because of that, you'll see a lot of links to other organizations that offer information, products and services, on our site. We want to be a part of a worldwide community.
  • Timely information. Especially for young people, each new stage in life means new and exciting times. You're constantly facing new challenges. It's our goal to present cutting-edge topics that you, as young people with diabetes, have to deal with every day.
  • "Friendly" content. We promise to do our best to provide information to all ages in a form that means something. We will also present it in a variety of forms of social media.

Tell others about it

Tell your friends, family members, coaches, doctors, dietitians and teachers about our website. We'd like them all to know about this community. And, while you're at it, tell people to sign up for Playing Thru, our monthly online e-newsletter. Its no-charge and no-obligation. And people who sign up for it can take their names off the mailing list at any time.

Come back often

We'll be posting new information and other features often, so come back and check the site out regularly. We want to help young people who have diabetes lead active and happy lives. And we'd like you to be a part of that.  Privacy Policy