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Diabetes education is perhaps the most powerful weapon in the struggle against this disease. The Chris Dudley Foundation invites you to download and read the articles in our library, listed below. Each article contains links to more resources, so you can take your quest for knowledge of diabetes as far as want to go. We think you’ll find the articles helpful in understanding the nature of diabetes in general, and type 1 diabetes, in particular.

Top tips for travelling with diabetes:

1.If you're traveling by air

2.If traveling out of the country

3. Documents you should take- Read all tips

Top tips for diabetic athletes:

1. Test, don't guess - It's better to know what you are, and be proactive, rather than reactive.

2. Be sure you have a plan - Routine is the key. Read all tips


Myths about diabetes:

True & False about diabetes! Read more


What is diabetes?

“What is diabetes?” This is the basic question in diabetes education circles. In a nutshell, diabetes is a condition in which the blood glucose (or blood sugar) is too high. (The blood has to have some glucose in it because the body needs glucose for energy. But, too much glucose in the blood means something else isn’t right, as this article explains. Read “What is Diabetes.”

What causes diabetes?

The question, “What causes diabetes,” is the object of tons of research throughout the world. But despite the research, there aren’t very many real answers. What is known, especially in the case of type 1 diabetes, is that the causes are complex. This article in our diabetes education library outlines the latest research on the subject. Read “What Causes Diabetes?


Types of diabetes

There are three main types of diabetes: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. They are similar in some ways, and very different in others. This article presents a thumbnail description of all three. Read “Types of Diabetes.

Symptoms of diabetes

The symptoms of diabetes are similar (but not the same) for all three major types of the disease: type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. This article in our diabetes education library lists and discusses the symptoms of all three types. Read “Symptoms of Diabetes.

Diabetes cure

A cure for diabetes is the object of many thousands of researchers. They are making some progress, but there is no cure at this time. This article is a down-to-earth summary of the work science is doing, and the progress its making. Read “Diabetes Cure.”

Diabetes care

As you probably know, diabetes care requires a lot of patient participation. It’s not just a matter of checking in with the doctor every so often. Living with type 1 diabetes is a daily thing, and it can require a lot of attention. But it can be rewarding, too. This article describes, briefly, what’s involved in diabetes care. Read “Diabetes Care.”

Diabetes medication

By far, the most prevalent form of diabetes medication, especially for people with type 1 diabetes, is insulin. This article discusses common insulin delivery methods (like syringes, insulin pumps, insulin pens), as well as the new inhaled insulin. It also describes the various types of insulin and their effects, as well as some other common diabetes medications. Read “Diabetes Medication.”

Diabetic Supplies

There are all kinds supplies and gadgets for people with diabetes, some more vital than others. They range from essential blood sugar testing gear and insulin delivery systems to diabetes-related tote bags and T-shirts. Read “Diabetic Supplies.”

Diabetes prevention

When you talk about diabetes prevention, it matters a lot whether you’re talking about type 1 diabetes, or type 2. The current state of affairs, especially in terms of prevention, is quite different for the two. Not a lot is known about whether type 1 is preventable, because it’s a disease of the immune system, which makes the problem extremely complicated. Type 2 diabetes is a condition, and it can be prevented. Read “Diabetes Prevention.