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Clinics are similar to the Chris Dudley Foundation camps. Like camps, clinics are designed to teach all participants a sense of how to play an intensive sport while controlling their diabetes. While camps are week-long events, clinics occupy one-to-three days. Clinics are held several times a year, in different locations throughout the country.

         2007- Orlando, Florida Clinic

Thank you for all those who attended and helped at the Chris Dudley Basketball Clinic in Orlando, Florida. The clinic was a huge success, thanks to you. We have received letters from parents letting us know how their child learned basketball skills as well as how to manage their diabetes. Thanks to your help we were able to empower kids to live an active life with diabetes.

2006- Indianapolis, Indiana Clinic

The Chris Dudley Basketball Clinic, Indianapolis, Indiana!! The Dudley Foundation and Roche Diagnostics Staff where honored to spend the day with 50 kids from the Indianapolis area. The day was full of basketball instruction and developing each child's skill while learning how to control their diabetes while playing an intensive sport.

Chris founded The Dudley Foundation in 1994 as means to ensure that kids can pursue their dreams. Throughout his 16 year career in the NBA, Chris was driven to never let his diabetes stop him from his goals. Chris and The Foundation staff hopes that each child that attended the clinic, walked away with the same drive and vision. Chris and the Chris Dudley Foundation's goal for each clinic is to spread Chirs' message and passion to those who live acitve with diabetes. Don't forget take care of their diabetes and always follow your dreams.