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Chris Dudley founded the Chris Dudley Foundation (CDF) in 1994 after his retirement from a 16-year NBA career.  Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age sixteen, Chris defied the odds to achieve his greatest dream, despite the medical challenges.  CDF believes that all youth with diabetes deserve encouragement to live long and healthy lives.  In addition to an inter-nationally renowned basketball camp, CDF offers educational programs, advocacy and research assistance to the greater diabetes community.

Our Mission

To empower and inspire all people with diabetes to live active and dream BIG!

Our Vision

Through high quality camps and educational programs, collaborative healthcare, and networks of support, all people with diabetes will live healthier, more active and fulfilling lives.

Our Work

Focus on healthy, athletic lifestyles for young people with diabetes.Deliver educational diabetes information in “youth friendly” formats such as:  podcasts, streaming video, audio, text messaging and kids’ activities.Collaborate with partner organizations, medical professionals, teachers coaches and family/friends to streamline diabetes management.Impact lives in our diabetes community by sharing resources, connecting families and inspiring youth to dream BIG!

If juvenile diabetes affects you, or someone you know, we can help

The Chris Dudley Foundation is a resource and a clearinghouse for kids, teens, young adults & adults with diabetes and the people who share their lives.

Juvenile diabetes affects more than one million young people in the United States. Our goal is to connect with active kids, teens, young adults and adults with diabetes and those who support them.

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Testimonials -

Charlie & Chris - testimonials

"Matt and I are so pleased to make a contribution to the Chris Dudley Foundation.  You have all worked so hard to build a great organization that touches the lives of so many people.  As I think  you already know, Charlie's childhood summers were so enriched by camp and all of you who worked so hard to make it such a special place. Thank you and best of luck! " - Jan Fick

Parents talk about how the Chris Dudley Foundation & the Chris Dudley Basketball Camp has impacted their life. Watch video  

christian s headshot 2006 camp


Part of the Game

Read Christian's story and hear what he has to say about Chris Dudley's Camp!


If you are…

  • A child, teen, young adult or adult with diabetes, and you participate in — or want to participate in — active sports, like these:
Swimming Lacrosse
Soccer Football
Baseball Drama / Music


Any others of the hundreds of physically-challenging sports and pastimes
  • A parent or other relative; a coach, a teacher, a friend of a young person with juvenile diabetes.
  • A medical advisor, a diabetes educator, a hospital staff member.
  • Interested in producing, or helping to produce educational materials and activities for children and young adults with diabetes.
  • A sponsor, or potential sponsor, such as a pharmacist, an insurance provider, or any other person or business with an interest in young people with diabetes.
  • A representative of a community organization or a support or research program and you are interested in speakers and other resources on diabetes topics.
  • A possible donor, or interested in supporting the cause of young people with juvenile diabetes — for any reason.

Juvenile diabetes affects more than one million young people in the United States.

We can help you

The Chris Dudley Foundation is both a resource and a clearinghouse. If you are any of the people described above, we can provide many kinds of assistance:

  1. Jump-offAccess to social activities and ties to people and groups that help young people with juvenile diabetes stay connected, despite the challenges of the disease. These include conference calls, podcasts, chat sessions, hotlines, mentors, camps, and more. Such connections contribute to a positive sense of affiliation for young people with type 1 diabetes. Connections come from regular communication. Young people who are connected don’t feel alone.
  2. Camps and clinics for young athletes with juvenile diabetes. Young athletes have special concerns about diabetes and the demands of their sports. The Chris Dudley Foundation has been extending special assistance, education, encouragement, motivational support and transitional help for young athletes with diabetes since its founding in 1994.
  3. A broad variety of educational materials, that help children and young adults with diabetes develop individually — as whole people. These materials cover the entire gamut of information, including diabetic diets, physical fitness and the broad knowledge that is vital for young people living with type 1 diabetes.
  4. Specialized support during times of transition, such as diagnosis, onset of puberty, leaving home and entering adulthood.


Financial circumstances do not limit participation

The vast majority of the programs The Chris Dudley Foundation offers are free, and there are scholarships available for those that are not. Financial circumstances should never limit the participation of children or young adults with type 1 diabetes.

No religious affiliation. The Chris Dudley Foundation is not affiliated with any religious organization. All kids, teens, young adults & adults with diabetes, and those who support their cause, are welcome.

If juvenile diabetes affects you or someone you know, The Chris Dudley Foundation can help you.

Now that you have an idea of who we work with (young people with juvenile diabetes), learn more about how we disseminate diabetes information.

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